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Care Committee

The kindness of Brian Evans was the impetus for forming a Care Committee. Volunteers visited the sick, delivered flowers and provided what compassionate help we could to our members. A necessary code of confidentiality and oversight was maintained for the Care activities. Brian Evans chaired the committee starting in 1987 with Anne Cowman and Betty Neary. As of October,1988 the committee members were Brian Evans, Edna Linster, Kevin McHugh and Carole Walker. The committee published a Congratulations and Condolences column in the ICS Newsletter keeping members informed of births, marriages and deaths and other notable occasions. Brian summed up their mission once in writing: “The Care Committee, during the past year, has witnessed some very sad, and also some very happy occasions. We feel privileged on behalf of the Irish Cultural Society, to share and perhaps assist during these times, as best we can. There are also members who have shown great faith and courage in dealing with their individual medical problems, and who carry on with their daily lives as best they can, though suffering inwardly. To them, we offer our prayers and support.”

Founder and Chairman of the ICS Care Committee Brian Evans and Audrey Evans

The Honorary Consul for Ireland, South Alberta and Saskatchewan, Deirdre Halferty, writes: The Irish have always prided themselves on being a friendly bunch who will strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime. This “reaching out,” is our way of seeing how you are doing and how you are coping with life’s challenges. Even if you don’t think you need this, it is needed by us all. It is what makes us human. To know that someone cares and that there is someone who is looking out for you, especially during tough times, can help to lessen the challenges we face. Living away from family or indeed with your family; your friends and the Irish community can be our lifeline. Compassion gives us the ability to understand someone else’s situation and the desire to take action to improve their lives. We can show compassion simply by saying hello, sharing a smile, motivating others, putting your hand in your pocket to help, helping with their to do list, or simply taking time to listen occasionally. I know we are not only helping others by showing compassion but we are also helping ourselves to live a more meaningful life. I am thankful to the Irish Cultural Society’ and in particular the Care Committee, for all the kindness and effort they have extended to endless numbers of people over the years.

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