ICS Choir

The ICS Choir have celebrated their 25th year!

The Choir continues to bring joy everywhere they go when performing Celtic and Canadian songs

Adding to a busy schedule of entertaining at retirement homes and senior’s residence, which they thoroughly enjoy, the choir were invited back to sing at the Pro Arts Noon Series at Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Calgary and were received very warmly and enthusiastically by the audience of over 200.

The choir once again performed two sets at the Water Valley Celtic Festival and were a huge success and received lots of compliments ie. “best I’ve ever heard the choir”, “great variety of presentation”, the singers and musicians were as one”, “everyone looked to be enjoying singing the songs which sounded fresh and lively”. So all the hard work at rehearsals paid off!

We are always looking for new members for our popular performances throughout the year. 

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The Choir meets at the ICS centre each Wednesday at 7pm 

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