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Our fully downloadable New to Calgary guide is available 


For the past few years the ICS has considered producing information that may be of use to Newcomers to Calgary.  In early November two relative Newcomers to the ICS independently contacted the ICS.  A couple of breakfast meetings took place.  Since then Pádraig McMullan, one of the Newcomers, working with some Board Members as a team, championed the start of production of a comprehensive document “Your Canadian Journey – for Calgary Newcomers & Others”.  The document covers a wide spectrum of things of potential interest to those new to Calgary, and possibly of interest to Calgarians.  It is from a personal perspective and incudes information not readily available on websites, and also contains hyperlinks to the most useful websites.  The Board recently reviewed the first draft and unanimously and passionately supported its contents and approach.  


Please note, the document is still under very active development.  We want to add graphics, continue to make it more complete and more readable, and invite input for improvements.  In addition, we want to be able to use hypertext to move quickly through the document and install an easy search function whilst on the website.


We hope you enjoy this very special project and very much hope it is helpful in many ways.  We welcome comments by email at

Irish Cultural Society of Calgary
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