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Field Days

The first ICS Field Day and Barbeque was held on August 28, 1988 at Shouldice Park. The event was organised by the Millennium Committee celebrating the Dublin Millennium. Greg Resnik reported:

“A crowd of over 200 spent a glorious afternoon enjoying field games and other activities, all in the ideal surrounds of Shouldice Park. Kids of all ages (including those over 30) took part in a variety of games that provided everything from the high speed thrills of “wheelbarrow racing” to the sloppy spills of the “egg and spoon” contests. The final field events saw wee babies crawling for top spot, while teams of big boys in tug-of-war tried desperately to avoid passing through a not-so-stationary wall of water.

After winding up the games, the barbecue dinner heated up, providing everyone with hefty hamburgers and scrumptious salads to cap off the day. As the proud 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners displayed their colours (actually all participants were awarded ribbons), the organizers should receive medals and take a bow! Congratulations to Brian Plunkett and his team of hard working volunteers who put together what is sure to become an annual event. We all look forward to next year’s outing some sunny Sunday afternoon.”

The weather was less favourable the following year, however, the enthusiasm and warmth from all those attending made up for the dreary skies and cool temperatures. About 200 members came to enjoy some good quality fun with their families. Kudos to Mary Plunkett and her team for a successful day.

Taking time out for a beverage: Katherine McMahon (2) and Stephan Connolly (2 ½)

Ready, Set for the Egg and Spoon Race

Wheel that Barrow

Striding Out

Haul Away Ladies

Nic?, Lisa and Nuala display their face painting

The big kids try the wheelbarrow race

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